January 27, 2015


David R. Gross Shares a Captivating Tale of His Yearlong Journey in Discovering How to Accept and Craft a New Life

Seattle, Washington --- Well known Seattle author David R. Gross practiced veterinary medicine for ten years.   He returned to school and earned his PhD in cardiovascular physiology; then he taught and did research in that field for more than three decades.   After retiring, he and his beloved wife Rosalie looked forward to traveling, writing, and focusing on social action causes together.  In Travels with Charlize: In Search of Living Alone, Dr. Gross tells a gentle and open story of recovery after the death of his wife of fifty-two years. He knows he must go forward and face a new future, but that road carries rough spots.  Memories spring up to hold him back.  Revisiting friends reminds him of who no longer accompanies him. Home, to which he must return, still stores a profusion of painful memories. It is the presence of Charlize, his newly adopted rescue dog, that keeps Gross steady and willing to see a brighter tomorrow around the bend.  Based on a compilation of chronicles from his popular blog, this compelling and enchanting book is scheduled to hit the shelves next month.

The dog loving couple had talked about getting a new pet, but with Rosalie’s diagnosis of lung cancer, those plans were put on hold.  After she succumbed to illness in 2013, David adopted Charlize, a German shepherd rescue dog with problems of her own. He bought a travel trailer, closed his house and the duo started their travels. The two troubled souls embarked on a yearlong journey visiting parks and vistas, rain forests and deserts, family and old friends, to discover how to accept and craft a new life with each other’s help.  David captured their travels in an online blog, posting photos and feelings on www.docdavesvoice.com.  The traveling pair’s adventures also became the basis for a column in My Edmonds News that captivated a devoted following.